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Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Water Treatment Equipment Supplier

Welcome to Ocpuritech – Your Trusted Partner in Clean Water Solutions

At Ocpuritech, we are a dynamic force in the water treatment industry, committed to revolutionizing the way the world accesses clean, safe, and pure water. As a distinguished manufacturer and solution provider, we have garnered a reputation that resonates with excellence, innovation, and uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Journey and Expertise

Established in 2011, Ocpuritech, also known as Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd., embarked on a mission to redefine the standards of water treatment. For over a decade, we have honed our expertise in designing, manufacturing, and distributing premium water purification systems that span various sectors, from residential to industrial applications.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Our product portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of cutting-edge water treatment equipment. From state-of-the-art reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration systems, and desalination systems to innovative alkaline water systems and ionized water filters, our offerings cater to diverse needs. We specialize in industrial RO filters, Ultrafiltration Systems, Desalination Systems, Alkaline Water Systems, Ionized Water Filters, UV Sterilizers, and more, addressing the unique challenges faced by our clients worldwide.

Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability

Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. Equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and rigorous quality control measures, our products meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Our commitment to innovation drives us to embrace the latest technologies and materials, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Tailored Solutions and Comprehensive Support

Beyond our exceptional products, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions to meet specific client requirements. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive support, from technical assistance to installation guidance and ongoing maintenance services. We believe in nurturing lasting relationships through unparalleled customer service.

Global Reach and Impact

With a global footprint spanning over 100 countries, Ocpuritech plays a pivotal role in shaping the water treatment landscape worldwide. Our products have found homes in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, contributing to the realization of clean water access across borders.

Join Our Pursuit of a Healthier World

Ocpuritech is more than a company; it is a movement. A movement driven by a collective desire to create a healthier, more sustainable world through clean water solutions. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified our position as a trusted partner in the journey towards cleaner, safer water.

Key Services and Solutions

Water Treatment Equipment: Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ultrafiltration Systems, Desalination Systems, Alkaline Water Systems, Ionized Water Filters, UV Sterilizers, and more.

Customized Solutions: Tailored to meet specific client needs and challenges.

Comprehensive Support: Technical Assistance, Installation Guidance, Ongoing Maintenance Services.

Global Presence: Serving clients in over 100 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Join us in our quest for a world where clean water knows no boundaries. Partner with Ocpuritech, and together, let’s quench the thirst of generations to come.

Contact us today to explore how Ocpuritech can transform your water treatment needs into a reality.

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Experienced Solution Provider

Up to now, Ocpuritech has completed more than 100+ projects globally. Our business span 100+ countries with high customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Ocpuritech has CE, ISO9001, NSF, 3C, FDA certifications. All water treatment machines will be fully tested before delivering. All products enjoy one year warranty.

Specialized Factory

We have two seperate factories that are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of water treatment equipment and PP, CTO filter elements.


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Relying on our enthusiastic service and professional technical experience, we have been working hard to excavate commercial applications from science and technology to help customers develop their businesses.

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