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Frequently Asked Questions

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One year from the date that the customer receive the product.

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We recommend our Reverse Osmosis water treatment system . To ensure that we can provide you with a more perfect solution, please help to provide the following information:

1, What’s the TDS value of your feed water?

2, Is it convenient to send us the water quality report?

3, what’s the cpacity do you want to meet your demands?

4, what’s the local voltage, and any other requirements?

The warranty continues from the date of your original purchase. It won’t be renewed after the replacement has been provided.

We can incolve the softener filter to reducing the hardness.

Yes, we can. But the production time need extended to 30 working days.

The cost will also need to increase 20%-30% , depending on the system capacity.

Please let us know what capacity do you need ? and what’s your local voltage? What’s the outlet water quality you request?

For the EDI system , do you have the double pass RO system existing? if yes, we will only provide you the EDI system quotation after receiving the capacity confirmation. Otherwise, we need to customize it for you according to your inlet water quality and water production requirements.

Please tell us the capacity you need (how many liters per hour?)

Can you send us the analysis report of your feed water ?

The design should be double pass RO +EDI ; but the water quality minimum will be 0.05us/cm.

Please check 3 things as below :

1,When the production capacity of the device drops by 10%-15%;

2,When the desalination rate of the equipment is reduced by 10%-15;

3, When the operating pressure and the differential pressure increase by 10-15%;

In these cases, we need to involve the chemical (CIP system) to washing membrane;

It Depends on the quality of the feed water, normally it would be:

1, Quartz sand : 2-3years;

2, Coconut carbon: 2-3years;

3, Resin: 2-3years;

4, RO Membrane : 18-24 months;

The main difference is the Control Valve of the pretreatment parts.

For the manual type, manual operation is needed when the system is running – backwashing – washing;

For the automatic reverse osmosis plant, the user can set the time in the control valve for managing different operation.

The conductivity meter in the control panel can show the TDS value of the treated water, according the displayed value, you will know the water quality.

10 years, our company founded in 2011.

Please tell us as below :
1,what’s capacity (liters per hour) ? or how many people using ?
2,it is better send us the well water quality analysis report ;
3,what’s the voltage of the local ;

We sale to south American , Africa ,Asia

Reverse osmosis membrane can generally be used for how many years?
Membrane life depending on the following :
1,membrane performance
2,raw water quality ;
3, Pre-treatment system ;
4,Chemical cleaning(washing) Frequency(CIP) ;
5, operating machine knowledge;
Normally, can be running for 2-3 years or above 5 years;