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What is the function of UV lamp?

UV lamp is the abbreviation of ultraviolet lamp tube, and UV is the English abbreviation of ultra violet ray. This kind of lamp is mainly used for photochemical reaction, product solidification, sterilization, medical inspection, etc. by using the characteristics of ultraviolet light.


UV lamp is a gas discharge lamp, which is divided into arc discharge and glow discharge. In UV curing, UV lamp is commonly used as arc discharge lamp. Its working principle is: add a certain amount of high-purity mercury (mercury) into the vacuum quartz tube, and generate ion discharge by providing voltage difference (voltage drop) to the electrodes at both ends, so as to generate ultraviolet radiation. The power of UV lamp shall meet the requirements (generally 80-120w / cm); The maximum service life of UV lamp shall not exceed 1200h, and it is generally recommended to use 1000h; The UV lamp can be used for 500h and replaced once. After maintenance for a period of time, two UV lamps can be used alternately. One is used for 500h, and the other is a lamp tube between 500h and 1000h; The lamp tube shall be cleaned and rotated counterclockwise for 1 / 4 cycle before use.

Common Specifications


The intensity of UV lamp depends on the power density of UV lamp tube. Generally, the common specifications are:
80W / cm, i.e. 200W / inch
120W / cm, i.e. 300W / inch
160W / cm, i.e. 400W / inch
240W / cm, i.e. 600W / inch

Use Classification

1. Low Voltage UV lamp, namely sterilization lamp, is mainly used for sterilization and disinfection. In addition, UV-B is also mainly used for ultraviolet inspection, medical treatment, etc.

2. The strong ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamp is made of high-quality pure quartz pipe, so that the ultraviolet can penetrate to a high degree and a large amount. Its arc length / luminous length can range from 5cm to 300cm, and the common power is 30W to 200W per cm. The ultra-high-power UV lamp is generally operated at or above 200W per cm. The effective spectrum range of the lamp is 350-450nm, the main wave peak is 365nm, there are more than 700 varieties, and the power is 100w-25kw UV curing is called UV Curing or UV Coating in English. UV curing is photochemical reaction, that is, liquid UV irradiation can solidify materials printed or coated on substrates or workpiece surfaces, and then harden through UV irradiation. UV curing is similar to traditional drying process, but the principle is different. Traditional drying usually hardens by means of evaporation of solvents in the coating materials, while UV curing crosslinking does not have solvent evaporation.

3. Metal halogen lamps add iron, potassium or other rare earth metal elements on the basis of mercury UV lamps containing mercury and argon. The iron doped halogen lamp is especially enhanced by 380hm as the highest peak. It is mainly applicable to the curing of ink and paint, the exposure of dry film, wet film and green solder resist. In screen printing and curing, the products with color, especially the products with thick coating and the drying of white and black have outstanding effects.


Scope Of Application

The reverse osmosis water purification machine manufactured by our enterprise will often install UV lamps according to the needs of customers

1. Spraying: plastic spraying companies such as general mobile phone shell spraying, cosmetics shell and MP3 small household appliance shell are mostly used. The requirements for UV are different in the two industries of mobile phone shell spraying and UV printing. Look at his products and equipment. Most mobile phone shell spraying companies have 6-8 tubes (in one coating line). As long as the parameters are provided correctly, as long as they know the specifications and parameters of their UV tubes, they can ensure replacement.

2. Printing: screen printing, offset printing and 5-color printing are mostly used. Like USB flash disk and optical disc, UV protective glue is used. When printing optical disc, UV ink will also be used for screen printing. In screen printing, UV ink is mostly used for printing. It has fast drying, good adhesion and various properties up to standard (adhesion, wear resistance, friction, etc.).

3. Shoe industry: it is to use ultraviolet radiation to irradiate the material of the sole to make it react chemically, so that the adhesive has good affinity with the sole and upper. Shoes industry is suitable for gluing. UV glue is used for plastic bonding, such as the bonding of plastic pipes for infusion in hospitals. General companies that make high-grade tourist shoes can use it. The business of this industry is based on technology.

4. Wood industry: only the surface coating is carried out, because UV coating (varnish, etc.) has good performance in all aspects: such as abrasion resistance, acid and alkalinity resistance, weather resistance, etc. after UV coating, the surface luster of wood floor can be made gorgeous. For wood coating, most of the lamps used have a long length and high power, most of which are about 1000mm long.

5. PCB and LCD industry: PCB is a circuit board, UV lamp is used for the printing of circuit board, and metal (metal halogen lamp) is generally used. In addition, exposure lamp also belongs to metal halogen lamp. When PCB is made, it is used for exposure and development, which is generally used in circuit board companies. LCD is a display screen. Generally, the low-pressure cold ultraviolet lamp is different from the lamp used for curing, but they all belong to ultraviolet lamps with different purposes.

6. Craft glazing: as long as it is a craft that uses UV glazing oil, it can use UV lamp tube.

7. UV automatic coating line: the pretreatment project uses electrostatic dust gun or electrostatic dust removal rod for treatment, which is often said: corona treatment, because the surface tension of plastic and plastic materials is very poor, after corona treatment, the surface tension of the surface is increased to strengthen the affinity between the substrate and UV coating, which will have better curing effect. If the pretreatment is not done well, There will also be problems with the adhesion of products. Many of them are not caused by lamps, but by equipment or operation process. In addition, UV coatings or inks also have a great relationship.



Parameter Classification

UV lamp parameter 1: UV lamp power supply voltage. Generally, the voltage of UV lamp is 220V, 380V and 110V 220V is widely used, which is also in line with the voltage of our daily life. The power supply can stabilize the voltage and protect the UV machine.

UV lamp parameter 2: working voltage of UV lamp. The working voltage is also called tube pressure in the industry. Tube pressure is the voltage at both ends of the lamp The stability of tube pressure determines the normal operation of UV lamp and UV equipment

UV lamp parameter 3: UV lamp working current, commonly known as tube flow, the level of current will directly affect the normal operation of UV lamp.

UV lamp parameter 4: UV lamp starting current. The starting current is the instantaneous high current when starting the UV lamp. Because the instantaneous starting current of the ammeter of UV curing machine is very large when starting, the manufacturer will also choose the supporting ammeter with higher standard. The ammeter above 30A can avoid the damage to the UV lamp during starting

UV lamp parameter 5: UV lamp power density, which refers to the concentration of extremely high energy per square centimeter

UV lamp parameter 6: UV lamp tube diameter. According to different purposes, manufacturers will consider the lamp tube diameter and pipe diameter when configuring UV lamp and UV machine, because the pipe diameter will affect the energy of the lamp tube, resulting in poor overall configuration.

UV lamp parameter 7: UV lamp polar distance (luminous length), simply speaking, is the distance between lamp electrode and electrode. The polar distance length of UV light fixing machine will affect the effective irradiation of UV lamp.


Installation Matters

1. Wipe the lamp tube with ethanol before installation, and then put on clean gloves to hold the lamp tube.

2. Install the holder into the lamp tube hole and thread the lamp tube with a cloth pad. Do not let the lamp tube touch the metal end plate surface, and let the lamp tube rub into the cloth. The UV lamp tube with wiring direction must pay attention to the direction. Otherwise, the lamp will be damaged, the service life will be reduced or the surface of the lamp will be overheated.

3. When the lamp tube is installed in place, hold the lamp cap by hand and swing it on the card base to see whether the lamp tube is in a free state, so that there will be no expansion and crack when installing and lighting the lamp.

4. Sometimes when checking the lamp tube, the UV lamp tube is removed and observed. It is found that there are traces of hand lines on the lamp tube wall, which can not be erased. This is because the lamp tube is installed without gloves, and the sweat and dirt on the hand stick to the lamp tube and are carbonized and sintered on the quartz glass crystal at high temperature. In case of serious air leakage at the spot, the lamp tube will be scrapped.

5. Install or replace the UV lamp, and turn off the power supply when cleaning the lamp cover, otherwise it will get an electric shock.

6. During the maintenance of the UV lamp, clean the reflector on the surface of the lamp and the reflector with absolute ethanol and gauze at an appropriate time (1 ~ 2 months), and then rotate the UV lamp 180 ℃. The lampshade reflector will be replaced after it loses the mirror effect.

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